Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's Not Only About the Kids.

I've been homeschooling for thirteen years. Kids are now 18, 15, and 13 and my oldest is graduating this year. (Although we are in the process of an International adoption, so I'll be starting all over in a few years!) Anyway, during this time my husband and I have felt God's leading in towards ministry. My husband works full-time, out of the home, yet God led us to start a dynamic, weekly children's ministry at our church. John writes the curriculum, and the rest of us help as actors or with sound/lighting. We've done this every week for the last ten years.

Also, when I was pregnant with my youngest, I felt God's leading to start writing. Since that time I've written fourteen books that have been published by houses such as Zondervan and Thomas Nelson. I write both historical fiction and non-fiction books concerning parenting, marriage, books for teens, etc. I also write regularly for Focus on the Family and other national magazines. I also helped to start a crisis pregnancy center in our town in 1999, and volunteered there for many years. My children helped through remodel, babysitting for teen moms, etc.

There were times when it was hard balancing it all ... but I also feel that we, as homeschooling parents (or all parents!), do our kids no favors when we neglect to follow our God-given dreams. In fact, I feel it has benefited my kids to see me seeking God, setting goals, and accomplishing my dreams through God's strength. They see lived-out examples of how one person can reach many, and they've witnessed and people blessed as a result. They shared dinner with teen parents, have visited with WWII vets, and have "proofed" my books before they go to print. Their lives are enriched, and they've seen God at work.

So what about you? Have you bought in to the lie that you'll do something for God "once the kids are older"? If so ... what a shame. Just think of what an example you can be TODAY. Just think of how seeing God at work in your can mold YOUR children's future!


At Friday, 02 November, 2007, Anonymous Tabitha said...

I lead a women's weight loss group at church and my children and I have had great conversations about healthy living, healthy eating and exercise. I've also been able to share with them that I am overweight because of unwise choices I've made.


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