Thursday, December 04, 2008

Know any Vets?

Beneath those white crosses, which as sentinels stand,
Majestically protecting them like the Almighty hand,
In a slumbering sleep beneath that blanket of stone,
Rest the heroes we've known who never came home.

~~Michael Hanko, In Memoriam, 1962

An article I read the other day stated that there is only ONE remaining WWI veteran alive today. One. Frank Buckles. He's even got his own website: That got me thinking...

When I wrote The Liberator Series books, I collected stories from Veterans across the country. I interviewed them at Veteran Reunions, over the phone, and via email. They were all too happy to share their stories with me and anytime I had a question about some minute detail of the war or a random piece of equipment they were johnny-on-the-spot with an answer. It was great.

As the novels were published, my mail box became inundated with stories from other Veterans. I have boxes of their stories and photographs. I started a website, as a place to collect those stories and share them with the public.

I've interviewed MANY veterans who have passed away, and I'm so thankful I've gotten their stories. So in their honor, and vets everywhere, I'm launching the "INTERVIEW A VET" campaign! (Participation gets you a FREE book!)

Here's how it works!

1. Send me an interview with a WWII veteran, typed-up, or videotaped, or autotaped and you will receive a free copy of one of my WWII novels. (Your submission must be original and cannot be something downloaded off the Internet, previously done by someone else: such as a newspaper article or unit history.) If the veteran is already deceased, you can send a personally written story (1,000-2,000 words) of the veteran's experience, written in the same style as those on

2. Send and audio/video interview AND a transcript of the recorded interview you will receive two of myWWII novels. DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL OF ANYTHING. IT WILL NOT BE SENT BACK. PLEASE KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS.

3. The campaign will run from Dec. 7, 2008 - March 31, 2009.

4. You're welcome to send copies of additional materials, such as copies of photos, newspaper clippings, etc. I would love to have them for my archives! Stories from those on the Home Front (factory workers, etc) will also be accepted.

5. Submissions can be mailed to Tricia Goyer, P.O. Box 5720, Kalispell, MT 59903. Email my assistant Amy ( prior to mailing your submission. She will send you a release form that needs to be signed and returned with your submission. The form gives me permission to use part of the story on my blog, the WWII website, or a future book. Oh, and also let Amy know which on of my WWII novels you'd like!

My goals for this campaign are three-fold!

1. To collect stories. WWII vets are passing away and we don't want to lose their experiences.

2. To encourage family members and friends to record an interview. To connect generations and let veterans know we still care.

3. For research, who knows which story might be the inspiration for a novel some day!

Not sure how to get started? I recommend these resources!

How to prepare


Also, make sure you send the Vet a copy of the interview or story! They'll LOVE it.


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