Thursday, December 28, 2006

10 Things I Wish I Had Known by Amy Wallace

10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Life

1) What many people didn't learn in Kindergarten, they didn't learn in college either.

2) Choosing to be kind might not get you further "up the ladder" but it will make falling asleep at night much easier.

3) It really does take more muscles to frown than to smile and that's energy wasted.

4) A good night's sleep covers a multitude of sins you might otherwise commit.

5) Chocolate might not be good for the backside, but it's great for the heart.

6) Walking probably is better than chocolate, but it's not near as much fun.

7) A good kiss burns far more calories and less bridges than a fight.

8) Words spoken in anger have the worst boomerang effect.

9) Chocolate body paint only sounds like a fun idea.

10) Each day is a precious gift best unwrapped after a strong cup of coffee and a good dose of prayer.

Amy is married to a hunk, a homeschool mom of 3, writer, youth Bible study leader, and avid chocoholic. Those are some of the hats she loves to wear, but who Amy really is can be summed up in this: Amy is a daughter of the King learning to live and love with laughter.


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