Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Come on in...Welcome to my home!

I was checking out today and they wanted to know what made your home interesting.

This is what I sent ....I am in the "sandwich" generation.

I am a homeschooling mother of three teens ages 17, 14, 12. Also, two years ago my grandma was having a hard time living alone. We added on to our home and invited her to move in with us ... no strings attached, no cost to her!

So now, I'm the care-giver for my husband, three teens, and my 77-year-old grandma. Oh, we also have two dogs, three birds, two hamsters and one fish. (Just to add a little fur and fluff.)

Oh, did I mention that I'm also a published novelist/author? Since 2003 I've had 9 books published with three more to be released this year from publishers such as Random House and Harper Collins.

So, my home is also my office. Books, books, books everywhere you look.

Grandma, kids, homeschooling, writing ... yet it's also a place of peace and warmth. Welcome to my HOME!

(I didn't mention my teen moms, finding four sisters, and/or WWII vets ... I thought they'd think I was making it up!)

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