Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Generation Next Article by Gina Conroy

First day of School

I woke up at 6:30 and jumped in the shower ready to start the first day of school off right. After waking the older boys with a "flash" (I took photos) they eventually made it out of be and everyone made it down stairs for breakfast fully dressed and with teeth already brushed.july-august-2007-061.jpg

I cooked eggs and we had left over pancakes. My husband even did a small devotion and the only real issues we had was that Joey got upset because there wasn't a lot of orange juice left.

We planned on leaving at 7:30, but by the time we gathered up everyone and their supplies, it was 7:45. Then we hit traffic and I started to panic, but decided they'd probably give everyone grace on the first day of school.july-august-2007-058.jpg

We arrived at 8:00 and my husband took the older two to their classes. He said Chris was the last one to arrive and had to sit in the front row, which he wasn't happy about. I settled Timmy into his second grade class and witnessed tears coming from a couple of girls. Timmy was all smiles and settled in quickly. He even gave me a kiss before I left! So glad he's still little.

It's 10:00 am now and I've had a quiet morning doing laundry and playing games and puzzles with Grace. Our dog seems to notice the quiet. I know I do. I keep wondering what the boys are doing at this very moment. A part of me is sad that they're gone, but a part of me knows that this is what it's going to take to restore peace into this family. It's sad that things don't always work out how I would have liked it to. My heart still wants them home, but not the way it has been for the last three years. I think in our family absense will make the heart grow fonder.

I already think it has for this momma!

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