Friday, November 02, 2007

You know you live in Montana when ....

The two BIG headlines are: "Bison Numbers Rebound" and "Four Stories Is Just Too High." (Yes, they were talking about building stories! And yes that WAS the news in yesterday's paper.)

You check to see how low the snowline is on the Rocky Mountains to know if you should grab a sweater.

You head to Starbucks and get slowed down by a tractor on the high way.

Your kids play basketball in a Quonset hut ... and the "bleachers" are a hand-made wooden bench lining one wall.

Heading to Costco is a social event ... or lunch out.

My friends do not own a key to their home. (And no I will not post their address.)

There are just as many cows in my neighborhood as people.

Hunter's orange is worn year around. (Do you KNOW what hunter's orange is?)

News jeans and flannel is fine wedding attire.

There is not building department. If you want to build a house ... you just do it.

People smile at you in the grocery store ... and when you smile back they don't think you're stalking them.

And finally ... I can't drive 1/2 mile without seeing the 10 Commandments posted, and Christmas music in the stores actually talks about God!


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