Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Cards...

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the Christmas cards.

I LOVE connecting with friends, seeing photograph of families, and hearing where God is leading hearts. Today I got a letter from my friends Sandy and Gloria and read news that they are going to be missionaries in Peru! I also received a card from Hope Pregnancy Center (which I helped start), sharing the story of Lynette--one of my friends--and the adoption of a new baby girl, Hope. I received another card from Life Way Pregnancy Services (which I spoke at last year) and inside the card it lists over 100 names of babies born within their center! Finally, I got an adorable Christmas newsletter from my writer friend Tonya Ruiz Tonya's Christmas letters get better every year. This year she set it up as a TV Guide Breaking News with The Honeymooners (a wedding), The Wingo Bunch (daughter's family w/grandchildren), The Odd Couple (two teen sons), and I Love Tonya (her romance.) How creative is that?

The coolest part about Christmas cards is seeing God at work--in hearts, in lives, in families. I can't wait to check the mail tomorrow to see what's there! Also, I sent my first batch of cards out today ... Here's an early peek at the Goyer Christmas letter written by my son Nathan.

A Story from Jake:
A different type of “what’s happening with us” Christmas letter:
(written by Nathan, age 13)

Hiya! I’m Jake the dog. I am one-years-old. I want to tell you about my life and my new home …

It all started last November when I was born. There were a lot of puppies like me. We played all the time! We lived happily with our mother Maisey. Everything was great!

Then one by one the other puppies began disappearing. I was so sad. Every now and then someone would pick me up and hold me. Then they would ask lots questions, as if they were going to take me too! I was very scared. I was even snuck away back to a teen girl’s house! But they gave me back. Whew!

Then … a lady and a teen boy and a teen girl came. They took me away. Mommy!

I was very, very scared—going away from everything I knew. When we got back to their house I tried to make them take me back to Maisey by leaving little surprises everywhere, but they still kept me! (Are these people crazy or what?!) I didn’t know what to do!

After a while, I began to grow fond of these new people. I’ll tell you about them. (I’ll go from oldest to youngest.)

First, there was the oldest lady they all called Grandma. I don’t see her much because she has her own room, and she doesn’t like me leaving surprises in there for her. Grandma comes out to eat, to clean, to watch a movie … Or to scold me for getting into the garbage. (Hey, I can’t help myself. It smells sooooo good!)

And then there’s the alpha-dog. The leader of our pack. They call him John or Dad. I like him, but he’s the toughest on me. I guess that’s a good thing because it teaches me to be good … or else (gulp). He goes to “work” and does “WOW” (children’s church).

Then there’s my new mommy. (The alpha dog calls her Tricia.) She’s really nice to me, so in return I sleep on her feet to keep them warm. She sits in front of a glowing screen and moves her fingers all day. I’m not sure what she’s doing, but about every once in a while boxes show up at the door with something she calls “books.” Different ones show up all the time. She likes that. I like chasing the big, brown truck that delivers them!

Then there’s the (newly adult) boy. I don’t see him much either. He leaves every day saying things like “work,” “school,” “basketball,” “Canada.” (They call him Cory.) He “pluck-plucks” on an object he holds that makes music (guitar). He finishes his “school” this year and goes to something called “college” next year.

Then there’s the teen girl, Leslie. She is around a lot. Mostly she’s typing on the flat box thing that goes “click” “click” and staring at a flat screen (computer). She also “click-clicks” on a big box that makes music (piano) and a little machine that rings (cell phone). And “plucks-plucks” on an object she holds that also makes music. I guess it sounds pretty good. She also does something called “basketball.” Her team has been the best in the state for three years. They don’t let me go watch … not fair!

At last there’s the youngest boy. He likes doing science experiments. He likes the flat box and screen, too. He’s the one who teaches me tricks like: “sit,” “lay down,” and “play road kill.” He rubs my belly when I get the last one right by sticking my feet in the air. His name is Nathan.

I’ve decided that since I had to leave my mom Maisey, this wasn’t a bad place to go.
Merry Christmas! Jesus is the reason for the season! I hope you have tons of surprises under the Christmas tree … not the puppy kind, but the real, happy, non-stinky kind!

From the Goyer family and their little black doggy Jake!

P.S. To read non-doggified updates on our family check out and


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