Friday, December 21, 2007

My Favorite Gift!

What is your favorite, most meaningful Christmas gift ever? (Not counting the birth of Jesus, of course, which is the best ever!)

Here is mine:

Last Christmas I received a special scrapbook. It was mostly pictures, but it did include some very special words such as "We love you", "Our family tree", "Look-alikes", and "Sister."

This scrapbook was created by my FOUR sisters that I met for the very first time last year. I didn't know my biological dad growing up, and for many years I didn't know my sisters. Thankfully, they found out and contacted me. They are ages 25-34. (Sis, is that right?!)

I love them. I love knowing my family tree. And we DO look alike. I grew up with one younger brother, and used to think it was silly how women when ga-ga over their sisters. Now I completely understand.

I will treasure that scrapbook forever!

So what was your favorite, most meaningful Christmas gift ever?


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