Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On Mission magazine

Here's an article I wrote for the magazine...

Guys For Life

What pops into your mind when you hear, “Pregnancy Care Center?” Unplanned pregnancy, scared women, babies, counseling, diapers, volunteers…hope? What about men? It takes two to tango, but for many years the “other half of the equation” has been ignored. Today, in centers across the nation, men are reaching out to men. And as a result, men, women, and children reap the benefits.

Realizing a man’s impact
For so long, pregnancy care centers have been “a woman’s world.” It’s her body, her choice—or so we think. It’s easy to forget she didn’t get to this spot alone.

This all changed when male volunteers showed up who were comfortable about pro-life and pregnancy issues and wanted to help. They volunteered by teaching abstinence presentations and counseled men. Of course, more volunteers didn’t necessarily mean more male clients. Most centers don’t necessarily put out the welcome mat for men. “Think of the color of the offices, the services, and brochures,” says Kurt Ramspott founder of Guys for Life. “Many centers want to reach men, but the main question I ask is, if a guy came through the door, what would you do for him?”Reaching men is valuable if we know the why behind it. Guys for Life offers this insight:

When a man finds out his girlfriend/wife is pregnant he thinks of the impact on: 1. himself, 2. the baby, 3. the woman. And when a girl gets pregnant, she thinks of 1. the man, 2. the baby, 3. herself. As you can see, the man is the main influence in the pregnancy decision.

“In a recent survey, we discovered in over 80 percent of abortion cases, women would’ve chosen life for their child if they’d only received support from the boyfriend and family,” says Ramspott. Knowing what, or who, influenced their decision helps organizations such as Guys for Life focus their efforts. “When asked about the two factors that affect women at the time of their decision, the second most common answer is, ‘If I’d had access to a pregnancy resource center I would have chosen life,’” says Ramspott. “But the most common answer is, ‘If I’d just had support from my boyfriend, I would have chosen life.’ ”

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At Thursday, 03 July, 2008, Blogger windycindy said...

I find that men have the biggest influence on a baby is amazing. The female carries the baby and eventually ends up with the child despite whether the man is around or not. I have seen where the woman doesn't want the child, but the father does. I think it is wonderful getting men more involved in the process. Cindi


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