Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guest Blogger...Cara Putman


Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Not sure I agree. Names have meaning -- and we speak that over a person every time we call their name.

Fortunately, God's in to changing names. Jacob (deceiver) became Israel (God contended). Saul becomes Paul. Simon becomes Peter.

I've taken names very seriously when naming our children. Just ask Eric.
There would be names we liked that couldn't be seriously considered either because of the meaning or the lack of a Bible story to back up the name.

I want my children's names to be a prophecy in a sense. A statement of their destinies every time it crosses someone's lips.

Abigail Joy. Abigail means father's fountain of joy. I joke she's my joy joy. She delights everybody who knows her. And my deepest desire is that she will have the depth of character, wisdom and beauty of Abigail from the Bible.

Jonathan David. Jonathan means God has given. David means beloved. Our son who is a beloved gift straight from God's hand. He is a joy -- highly loved by those who know him. And I long for him to be a man with the combined strengths of the Old Testament friends Jonathan and David. And the strengths of his Grandpas: David and Walter John.

Rebecca Paige. Rebecca means joined together; Paige means assistant or servant. I've been adamant that our next daughter would be Rebecca Paige though I couldn't really tell you why. And the more I prayed about this baby, the more I knew that was the right name if she turned out to be a girl. This morning as I was holding her and praying, God showed me it was the perfect name for her. She is called to be His servant. To follow Him all the days of her life. And that is exactly what I want for her and my other children.

So what about you? What's your name mean or why did you choose the name you did for your children?

Cara C. Putman
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