Monday, September 29, 2008

Woogi World

My friend's daughter is super crazy about online games. She has accounts at Barbiegirls, Webkinz, Stardollz, and more. So when I mentioned I had the goods on a new site, Woogi World, she of course went ga-ga!

I invited her over to my blog to give you all a review!

Please welcome Madison!

This site is cool. After my mom sent me the info, I logged in right away.

My favorite part was adopting and dressing my character. There are cool games that teach me about being safe, healthy (ugh!) and nice to others. I earn points and the better I do, the more I earn. I have lots of points. I sent all my friends invites to sign up! We can play 2 player games. We love it.

The leader BigWig even has his own blog.

They gave Woogi to schools for free and Woogi is all about helping others. Check out what they say about that here and the cool (yeah-right) stuff they have for parents.

I know other kids would like Woogi too. Sign them up at


At Tuesday, 30 September, 2008, Anonymous Kara said...

Great post! Love that you invited your friends as well. Hope you have fun :)


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