Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Then I felt God say, "GO."

A month ago I was walking around the village of Vysoke Myto, listening to music in the square, taking with Czech friends. I remember standing there, looking around, and thinking, "I can't believe I'm here."

I'd never planned on going to the Czech Republic this summer. I had my schedule figured out. I had books to write. I had camping to do. I was going to relax and enjoy life. Then I felt God say, "GO."

I didn't know where I was going, so I started praying and then checking around. I found out there was a church who needed a team of 15-20 Americans to teach English. Another American church had canceled, and they were in a big bind.

I didn't know who I was going with, so I started praying and then mentioned the trip at our church. In a month's time we had 19 people committed. Eight adults and ten teens--many of them I didn't know before this time. Yet four CZECH speakers! Imagine that.

I didn't know how we would pay for the trip. After all, plane tickets for 19 people in Europe AND 19 days of travel isn't cheap. So we planned fundraisers, we sent out support letters, and we trusted that if God brought us together he would take us all the way.

He did. The way was provided. The people were provided. The money was provided. And we went ... and we saw miracles happen.

One hundred Czech got English instruction.

And dozens of Czech grew closer to God ... learning more about him, asking questions, receiving Bibles, seeing our love expressed to them ... and wanting more.

One young man accepted Christ. (He was only the third Czech the missionary has seen come to Christ in six years, and the first at an English camp.)

Our team is home, but we will never forget what God did. Our faith is stronger than when we started. We trust God more.

I'd like to encourage you to take time to day to listen to God's voice. Is He telling you to say "GO"?

You will never regret it.


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