Monday, November 17, 2008

Gen X and Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently

Here is an interesting article (from a marketing perspective) on the differences between Gen X and Gen Y moms...have a read and see if you agree!

Gen X and Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently

Though both Generation X and Generation Y moms view the internet as a must-have tool for finding child-rearing information, there is a significant generational difference in their online behaviors and preferences, according to (pdf) a study from The Parenting Group and NewMediaMetrics.

Gen Y moms are much more attached to media that connects them to other moms online - such as internet communities, blogs and video-sharing sites - suggesting they prefer to rely on peers rather than experts to help them parent, according to the study.

Moms who are members of Gen Y also are highly involved in creating their own content and show a preference for time-shifting behaviors, such as watching TV online.

The top three activities of Gen Y moms are reading blogs, participating in an online community of moms, and creating and sharing their own video.
In contrast, Gen X moms are less attached to digital media as a whole. They are more likely to engage in task-oriented activities such as shopping online and uploading photos.

The top three online activities of Gen X moms are: using a photo site, rating and reviewing products, and shopping.

This generational dichotomy indicates a shift in the way marketers should be targeting the next new generation of moms online, according to The Parenting Group.

About the study: The study was fielded in April, 2008 among 847 moms who visited the website. To analyze the data, it used NewMediaMetrics’ proprietary Emotional Attachment (EA) Metric, which is unique in that it quantitatively measures emotional attachment and is based on a an academic theory regarding emotional attachments between mothers and children.


At Thursday, 20 November, 2008, Blogger Cara Putman said...

Hmm, very interesting. Yet more evidence I straddle the traditional definitions.


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