Wednesday, June 21, 2006

God's Gifts

Tricia and Cory 1989.

Seventeen years ago today I gave birth to a baby boy. Since my former boyfriend was out of the picture, my mom was my labor coach. I had Cory at 3:39 a.m. and was home by noon. (Hey, I was 17, what can I say.)

Cory was a gift to me. It was during my pregnancy that I dedicated my life to God. Becoming a mom to this beautiful little boy made me think about what I wanted for my future--our future.

But Cory wasn't the only gift God gave me that day.

The day Cory was born, I was nursing my new baby when I got a call. My mom answered it. It was my grandma telling me that John Goyer was coming over to visit and to bring a gift for Cory. Not John Goyer, Sr. my pastor, but John Goyer Jr. his handsome 22-year-old son.

John knew me from church. He also knew the baby's dad was out of the picture and wanted to cheer me up. (It worked.) He brought a bright, yellow teddy bear and a card which read, "If you ever need anything let me know." I've been taking advantage of that statement ever since!

We started dating two weeks later and were married when Cory was nine months old. Isn't that like God . . . to give me a son and a husband on the same day?! He's so cool!

So today my heart is especially full of appreciation at these two gifts from God.

Cory, John and Nathan at the "Holy Land" Theme Park, March 2006.


At Wednesday, 21 June, 2006, Blogger Ruth said...

Wow Tricia, that is an awesome story! What a fantastic testimony to God's grace and faithfulness!


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