Friday, June 16, 2006

Remember the Unseen

This January, my husband and I took a roadtrip to Banff, Canada which is about five hours from our home. We left one evening after John got off work and drove there in the dark.

It was our first trip to Banff, and it was snowy and icy. We were one of the only cars on the road . . . and on the road our eyes stayed.

You better believe our surprise when we drove the road home two days later and discovered the Canadian Rockies had been just beyond the car window the whole time! Because of the dark, the snow, the ice, we'd missed out.

How similiar is our journey on the road of life. Sometimes it's dark. Sometimes snowy. Sometimes icy . . . yet, even though we aren't aware of it, God's beauty and majesty is still there. Sometimes we get glimpses of the beauty, but other times we simply have to trust in what we know is there.

Remember the Unseen Love. Remember.


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