Thursday, June 08, 2006

Plugged In

(Nathan, scooter boy and Bible verse memory king)

Yesterday my son Nathan was so excited that his electric scooter was up and running that he forgot he was still wearing his pajamas as he zoomed around the neighborhood. Ooops.

It had been eight months since Nathan had to chance to ride the scooter, but the problem wasn't a big one. His wonderful dad had moved the plug when cleaning the garage last fall and forgot to tell Nathan were to plug in. It was that simple.

This made me start thinking about what other "simple yet critical" information we forget to pass on to our kids. Like how to study the Bible, how to pray, or how to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Since I homeschool, I've been blessed to have "extra time" to focus on these things. I remember fondly the many, many hours we spent memorizing Scripture verses, reading the Bible together, and doing in-depth study. And it's been amazing to see how the kids "build" on these skills.

Nathan practices his handwriting by writing out Bible verses. He also memorizes them as he writes them out. (Something he decided to do himself.) Leslie has a journal of her favorite verses and has numerous devotional books she reads. And Cory has taken it upon himself to memorize Scripture at work during the slow times when he's waiting for customers in his line. He keeps Scripture cards in his pocket for this purpose!

Of course, sometimes it's hard to plug our kids in, when we feel so indept ourselves. I found this information, on-line and I thought I'd pass it on:

Dare to Be a Daniel is a dynamic new tool specifically designed to train Christian tweens (ages 9–14) to reach their unsaved friends with the Gospel. When participants complete the course, they will receive dog tags and an official ID card identifying them as a Certified Junior Evangelist with BGEA.

Your child’s education is important to you. You invest hours every day making sure that he or she is prepared to face the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to equip your child to be a “Daniel” when placed in the lions’ den.

Just call 1-888-802-D2BD (1-888-802-3223)
or visit to start your child
on the road to winning souls for Jesus Christ!

©2006 BGEA

I signed my youngest two kids up, and I hope you take advantage of it too!


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