Friday, November 17, 2006

The Big FEED...

Ok, let's talk... Turkey!

Are you ready for the BIG day?

I can't wait.

This year I get to have it at my smallish, oldish, drafty-ish house in Montana! My mom, dad, and brother will brave I-90 going west, sluicing from western Washington to western Montana just in time to start the cooking. My mom is an awesome cook and already knows what she's bringing: Paula Dean's corn casserole, Emeril Lagasse's sweet potato balls, and cranberry relish.

We'll make the rest when she gets here: fresh organic turkey from our local market, apple sausage cornbread stuffing, pumpkin yeast rolls, fab mashed potatoes, carmelized shallots, fresh green beans with ham, and the desserts...the DESSERTS.

This year I'm having a tough time deciding which ones to make. I love baking yummy treats and this year there about 10 I'd love to try. Everything from a sweet potato souffle pie, to a chocolate pumpkin layer cake to pumkin cake with brown butter icing to good ol' fashion pumpkin pie to egg nog custard to...well you get the idea.

Of course, we must have pumpkin pie, that's a given. I'm using my great-grandmother's recipe, I posted it last friday if you missed it) But, beyond the pie... I'd love to make a ton of stuff, but really how many desserts can 8 people really eat?

Oh, wait...I forgot, my brother-in-law and his family are coming that will mean 6 more people to stuff. Things are looking up! :)

Also I wanted to share this fun "Foodie" Thanksgiving guide with you from ! Click on the "Freebies for Foodies" link. The guide includes everything from Thanksgiving facts & history, a complete menu with recipes and how-to's, as well as fun games and decorating ideas. So if you're uninspired this year or just have a question, check it out. You can also register to win the Foodie Craze Trivia Game. Fun!

I'd love to hear how you celebrate Thanksgiving! What are some of your unique family traditions?


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