Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shhh ... I have a secret

As a book author and blogging addict it seems that most of my life ends up on the written page somehow. It's not that I mean to share every detail of my existance with the world ... but it's natural for me to want to share my days and my heart. Yet, this morning I was challenged to keep a few secrets. And these secrets center around my caring for others. Elaine Prevallet writes:

When I was in the novitiate, in my early twenties. I decided to do one small act of kindness each day that was completely unknown to anyone. So I would keep my eyes peeled for something helpful I could do that no one would see. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was doing it for no one but God, whom I loved with a kind of simple and quite passionate fervor. I made beds, or turned them down. I folded clothes, I tidied. At least one a day, and no one knew. That very infinitesimal act each day gave me enormous joy. It gave me a kind of inner excitement to do this only for God: a secret between me and God. It kept me alert to the small needs of others; maybe it provided spontaneity and creativity in an otherwise highly regimented situation.

So, what do you think? I sounds like an exciting God-adventure if you ask me.

And, though I usually enjoy tons of details in your comments, I'll leave this between you and God. :-)


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