Monday, March 12, 2007

Christian Character...

Last week I mentioned that my daughter's team won the STATE championship in basketball.

We were very, very excited. In fact, I can't wait until basketball season starts in November next year!

Also, that night there was another special award given--the Christian Character Award. Each team nominated two players, and my son Cory was one of the nominees for the Crusaders...and he won! We were very excited! The award is given to those who show Christian Character on and off the court. It's voted on by his teammates.

It was a fun night because right before the award ceremony we went out to dinner. We later found out that all the parents of Cory's teammates were frantically trying to find us. We got there just in time . . . and I just thought all the smiles when we walked in were because we looked nice :-) (Yes, everyone knew but us!)

You know, when kids are small, it's enough that they said "thank you," and go potty on the toilet. It's good to know that kids change and grow and DO transform into the wonderful young men and women of God that we've always hoped for.Yes, I was smiling big that night. But I'm also smiling every day as I see what amazing kids they are turning out to be.

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