Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Life, Unscripted!

It's in stores NOW!

Well, it's only in Barnes and Noble NOW, but I'm super excited about that! If you happen to be in a B&N in the month of August I'd love to hear if you saw my book! If you let me know, I'll enter your name into a drawing to win a $25 dollar gift card to Barnes and Noble (of course you'll have to use part of that to buy a copy of the book--just kidding.)

If you take a photo of the book on the shelf, I'll enter your name into the drawing 10 times!

So RUN, don't walk to the nearest Barnes and Noble...and if you're like me and the nearest one is over 100 miles away feel free to take your car! :)

Also, as you know I'm gearing up to start the blog tour for My Life, Unscripted in September, you can find out more about that here...if you're interested in joining, email my assistant, Amy and she'll get you all set up!

And, if you don't have a blog, but would like to help spread the word, look what my friend Susie Larson has done:

Also this week, I received Tricia Goyer's Ezine promoting her new book. She asked us to send this announcement on to anyone who works with teen girls. My sister is a youth pastor so I forwarded the email with the message, "Tricia is a friend and fellow author. Will you consider using this book with your girls?" My sister looked into the book, got excited about it, and ordered a stack for her girls. How cool is that? And how simple it was!
Wow! how cool (and easy is that)! I'd love to send a book to anyone who would like to spread the word! You can read the first chapter here and find out more about the book here!

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