Friday, April 18, 2008

Are Gen Xers GRACEFUL? Have we learned this?

In our small group (made up of Gen Xers!) we're doing the DVD study to What's So Amazing About Grace, by Max Lucado. I realized that what's amazing to me is how little the secular media deals with grace. Or more to the fact, they ignore it. The movies these days are all about revenge. The bad guy dies or at least pays big. Some movies, like Sniper, have the revenge go over the top--blowing all the bad guys to pieces as we cheer them on. Grace is harder to discover. Forgiveness and grace ... is even harder to find. Growing up I don't remember long conversations about grace. I think back to the 80s movies and songs where we cheered when the bad guy was wiped out.

Is anyone talking about this? Is anyone talking about Gen X at all in our world? Yes, WE are. But sometimes I feel we're the only one talking about our "issues." I think that's because the older generation doesn't understand what our issues are!

It think that's why Gen Xers are enjoying my books. (YEAH! Thank you, thank you.) It's liberating for them to hear me say, "Hey, it really stunk for me to grow up with three step dads, half-siblings, and not finding my biological dad until I was almost 30. It stunk connecting more with TV families than my own parents, that all our role models messed up, and that me and all my friends turned to sex because that's what was promoted by Madonna and every other MTV star ... But you know what, God knew we'd live during this time and He's the answer to all of the angst." Whew.

I'm pitching another Gen X book to my editor about connecting with parents, friends, our community and world. I hope I get to write it. I think this message of forgiveness and grace is one that needs to be talked about. Maybe if we can learn to forgive we can have REAL relationships in addition to all the cyber ones that are so MUCH easier to maintain!

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