Thursday, April 17, 2008

Guest Blogger...Cara Putman

Last night Eric and I went to a country concert at Purdue. Dierks Bentley headed up the tour with Luke Bryan and Bucky Covington. It was like coming home for this Nebraska girl. Even if I only knew a few of the songs.

You could also say Eric and I are cramming everything in we can before this baby comes in a matter of 2-3 weeks! And this was my kind of date night :-)

The crazy thing was the more I listened to the songs, the more I realized what an oddity I am. Yes, I am a Gen Xer through and through....But...

I could sing along to Luke Bryan's rendition of Elvis' Suspicious Minds.
Give me music from the 50s and I am so there.

But when Bucky sang a Pink Floyd song...I knew a couple words, but had no idea Pink Floyd originally sang the song. Can you imagine singing we don't need no education at a place like Purdue!?!?! Since I'll start teaching again in the middle of May, I just laughed. As a teenager all I focused on was getting to college as quickly as possible. Sixteen worked for me. But the Pink Floyd song...not so relevant.

And I'm not sure I fit in this decade since ... dare I admit it ... I've never watched an episode of American Idol. Had no idea that Bucky was on it.
Really had never heard of Bucky. Still not interested in watching the show.

Bottom line -- I guess I don't fit in a box.

Good thing since I've never liked boxes. Tend to fight them to be honest.
But isn't it interesting how something like a country concert can make that crystal clear :-)

Cara C. Putman


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