Thursday, June 12, 2008

Steph asked...What is a GenXer?

Sorry! A Gen Xer is born been 1961-1981. (Some use 1964-1979). We had some part of our high school years touch the 80s.

Boomers are 1945-1960 (ish).

GIs are their parents.

Gen Yers are 1981-2000. They are also call Millennials.

More facts about Gen Xers:

Divorce skyrocketed during our growing-up years. We grew up in families with stepmoms and half-siblings and living every other weekend with a different parent.

The divorce rate doubled between 1965-1977 and 40% of Gen Xers spent time in a single-family home before age 16.

Gen Xers long to be accepted. We want applause and gold stars. This comes from the loneliness and alienation of our splintered families growing up.

Gen Xers once bore labels such as ‘slacker’ and ‘grungy,’ but many of us have gone G-rated. We believe in family values. Many are very conservative.

Once Gen Xers got serious bout life, family means the most to us. We’re caregivers. (Often caring for children and parents/grandparents.)

Only 28% of Gen Xers attend church.


1. We embrace interracial marriages and international adoptions.

2. We experiment with alternative lifestyles, such as living together. (Which I personally think is a big problem with our generation.)

3. We want a strong nuclear family.

4. We don’t sell out to careers if it means sacrificing at home.

5. We’re willing to work at what matters. Our generation reads marriage books and attends conferences. We look for answers.

6. We're into "family" but that doesn't mean our biological family. We create our own family units with those we care for most. (This is me. We've adopted older singles, teen families, college students, etc. and they celebrate on holidays and such with us more often than our real families. In fact, we call them our family members!)

Okay, Steph, you asked :-)

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At Thursday, 12 June, 2008, Blogger windycindy said...

I am glad Stephanie asked you! I am a boomer, not a Gen Xer! Oh well, now I have to learn more about us boomers. I do have many of the genx character traits. Thanks, Cindi


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