Thursday, July 24, 2008

Prayer requests

Please be in prayer for Shyen (pronounced something like Shining without the middle N).

He's nineteen, and he is from Azerbaijan which is to the north of Iran and therefore has a Muslim background. He is working evenings at Wendy's (with my daughter Leslie) for another six weeks or so and will then return home. He has been coming to church with our family for the last few weeks but as we leave for the Czech Mission trip we are worried he'll stop going.

He has been asking a lot of questions about Christianity and seems to be very open to discussion. He is asking things like ...

How many Gods do you believe in?

Why would you were a cross around your neck? The cross killed Jesus - it is bad, isn't it?

Do you baptize babies?

This has led to a lot of discussion around our table!

Please pray he will continue to go to church at Easthaven while we are gone and that God will place people in his path over the next six weeks.

And, of course, please pray for our trip! There are nineteen people going to the Czech Republic for nineteen days. We're doing an English camp AND outreach in the town of Vysoke Myto. Pray for safe travel, for health, for effective witness, and for the peoples' hearts to be open to Jesus. Our whole family is going, and I'm so excited! It's a dream come true to be able to serve together in this way.

Also, pray for my grandma who will be here alone. We will have people checking in on her, but she's used to a busy, active, noisy house and she's going to miss us being here.


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