Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On Mission Christian, That’s Me!

From On Mission Magazine!

The most effective on mission Christian to yourneighbor may be the one gazing backat your child in the mirror

By Tricia Goyer

When many kids hear the phrase “on mission Christian” they think of adults who work at soup kitchens or travel to the inner city to tell others about God. What kids need to realize is that we don’t have to travel out of our town to share Jesus with others—or even out of our neighborhood. Being on mission is a lifestyle, not a one-time event. In fact, when we give our lives to Jesus, He wants to use us wherever we are to spread His love with others and at whatever age. Sharing our faith in Jesus shouldn’t begin when we’re older.

Of course, it’s up to us as parents to teach and model this concept. Moms and dads can stress that the most effective on mission Christian to your neighbor can be the one gazing back at your child when he or she looks into the mirror!

One of the things my husband, John, and I have attempted to do with our children is to build within them a sense of community—connecting with people around us to share Christ. We volunteer weekly at church and in our town. We open our home to neighbors, and unchurched friends.

We’ve also reached out to John’s coworkers in numerous ways, such as creating special Christmas gifts or inviting his coworkers to a homemade lunch. We’re training our children to be on mission in our sphere of influence with hopes that as they grow older they’ll also feel more comfortable sharing Christ in their state, throughout North America, and the world.

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