Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Women Alive Vancouver (BC)

If you live within driving distance of Vancouver, BC consider coming to this FABULOUS Women's event! October 17 & 18, go here for registration info: https://www.womenalive.org/events/vancouver08/

Keynote Speaker: Thelma Wells
You loved her at “Women of Faith”, now she’s back with a brand new message. From an abusive childhood to the founding of a national women’s mentoring ministry, Thelma Wells’ life has been a courageous journey of faith. Eventually raised by great-grandparents, she grew up to be a trailblazer for black women. Thelma, the first black core speaker for the Women of Faith Tour, has authored several books as well as founding The Daughters of Zion Leadership Mentoring Program. Through this ministry, Mama T, as she is affectionately called, has mentored over 100 spiritual daughters.

Weekend Host: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson
Laura-Lynn is the host of Canada’s newest national daily talk show, “The Daily with Mark and Laura-Lynn.” Seasoned broadcaster and comedian, she is the creator of her own TV series, “Coffee Shop Girl”. Come prepared to laugh with her, but mostly AT her!

Special Music: Glenda Rae
Whether performing in New York, Los Angeles or London, Glenda captures the heart of her audience. Though mainstream press dithers about whether she is a pop, soul, blues, or jazz singer, there is no doubt that at her deepest roots, she is a Gospel vocalist.

Worship Leader: Tania DeMeglio
Come and enjoy an awesome time of worship with Vancouver’s own Tania DeMeglio.

Breakout Sessions:

1) Greta Sheppard
Excuse Me, Your Unforgiveness is Showing!

For many years, Greta, a sought after motivational speaker and author, lived in silence and denial about her sexually abusive childhood. Finally at age 50 she exposed her secret. Have you ever had anything so hurtful, so cruel or so offensive in your life that forgiveness seems impossible? Come and learn what it means to find freedom in forgiveness.

2) Sheryl Baxter
Money Matters
Where does the money go? Why is there never enough? Statistics show that money is the #1 cause of marital conflict. Half of all Canadians have less than $2500 in savings. Come and learn how to make informed decisions, find your hidden wealth and eliminate the money fear factor. Sheryl, a senior Field Training Specialist with FaithLife Financial will focus on household budgeting and accelerated debt reduction based on biblical principles and disciplines.

3) Candace Newton
Beyond Barriers, Loving the Way Jesus Loved
Cozy Christianity feels good but is it right? Candace’s mandate is to impart the love of Jesus and to be moved with compassion to all those that “don’t measure up.” If you are tired of nominal Christianity then come prepared to be propelled right out of your comfort zone by her challenge to live like there is no tomorrow. Candace, Founder of Unlocking Secrets for Women is the Associate Producer for “The Daily with Mark and Laura-Lynn” as well as creator of a newly developing TV series called “Luv Ya Mom”.

4) Kristy Morris
Deliverence – The TRUTH Will Set you Free

Have you, or do you know anyone who is involved in New Age, hypnosis or the occult? Are you in spiritual bondage from memories of your past or in dealing with the present? Suffering from chronic asthma, Kristy was lured as a child into the psychic realm which eventually led to the deception of
hypnosis and witchcraft. Now a pastor’s wife, Kristy will encourage you to live your life with liberty, freedom and joy so that you can be used to deliver others.

5) Marilyn Mahoney
The Truth of the Matter

How’s your thought life? Are you on a merry-go-round of allowing unproductive thoughts to drag you down? Explore how your thoughts powerfully influence your emotions and actions and learn four questions that can help you uncover Truth- the secret ingredient of a healthy thought life. Marilyn, is an Educational Consultant with Fraser Health Authority and serves in ministry with her husband pastoring the newly- formed West Coast Biker’s Church.

6) Tricia Goyer
Parenting in our Generation: Raising Kids who Impact our World.

Want to change the world? Want to impact future generations for Christ? Start at home. Tricia Goyer, author of fifteen books understands that parenting in our generation is all about raising future teens and adults who are prepared to step out and follow God’s dreams for their lives. She will
share the importance of discovering God’s unique design for each of our children, give ideas for family ministry and for fostering attitudes of giving and service in young hearts.


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