Thursday, April 27, 2006

Choose Wisely--Guest Blogger Amy Wallace

On my screen saver are these words . . .

"Remember. Only One Thing is necessary. Choose wisely."

Some of these words came from a fairytale I'd written for my three daughters. Others from a youth Bible study I led last year about Luke 10:42 where Jesus shares how Mary had chosen well in spending time with Him and listening to His words. The verse says, “But only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.

"The “choose wisely” part came from the fairytale. In the scene below the king is throwing a party for his daughters to celebrate their entrance into adulthood. Many in the kingdom desire to win their affection. But there is one whose desire is not for their affection. It is for their destruction. Much like our lives. We have an enemy who seeks to destroy us. We also have a Father who calls us to remember.

"Then one suitor, draped in a jeweled cloak, captured his daughters’ attentions. As the man told stories of his adventures and enchanting far-away places, the King watched the princesses’ excitement grow. When the stranger departed, King Adonai spoke to Shiri first, then Teshi and Apolline. He whispered his heart’s cry in their ears. ‘Remember that I love you. Choose wisely.’”

This is what God continues to teach me in so many ways.

To remember.

To choose wisely.

The most important choice I’m learning to make is running to my First Love. Through time alone my eyes have been opened to the desperate hunger I have tried to fill with other people and things. Good things. Gifts from God. My husband, my children, writing, friends. But when God is calling me to Himself, these good things can stand in the way of the Best. These gifts are also only good when they come from God’s hand and not my striving.

I’ve seen that it’s only when my relationship with my First Love is right, that all other loves are safe. Only One Thing is necessary. I’m learning to choose Him above all else.

Another thing the Lord is teaching me is to choose love over lust. Lust destroys. Love builds. Love values people and shows respect. Love listens to the heart. Love waits. Lust, on the other hand, demands satisfaction now.It’s not just our children or youth and singles that need to learn the difference either. Married people need this too. Sex is a gift, not a Band-Aid. When we use it as a place to run to make us feel better, it’s lust. It’s filling a need~ not by running to the Lord~ but with something else. That’s idolatry. Choose wisely.

God truly can meet emotional needs as well as physical longing. He is enough. He is love.

I’m also learning to run to God instead of choosing anger. I love my girls so much. Even so, taking care of three children all day, every day is exhausting. I’ve found my temper short and mind too busy to deal with why. But God is showing me I need to run to Him in the midst of daily "crises" and let Him be my strength, my gentle words, and my loving instruction.

He’s also teaching me to choose forgiveness. Instead of hiding behind anger or hurts, licking my wounds, God reminds me of my need for forgiveness. When I look in the mirror and see no one else is to blame for my reactions, I see how much I need to accept His forgiveness. And in turn, forgive others. That opens the door to restoration and reconciliation.

I don’t choose the daily struggles with my daughters' whining or the other myriad "issues" that we parents have to face. I don't choose the hurts that are inevitable in this journey called life. But I am learning that making wise choices, wherever I am, matters.

Life is about choices.

Anger or grace?

Lust or love?

Hate or forgiveness?

Idols or your First Love?

Remember. Only One Thing is needed.How will you choose?

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At Thursday, 27 April, 2006, Blogger AJY said...

Amy, thank you for writing that. It's a great reminder and right where I'm at - with the kids and everything.

I often use the line "Make a good choice" with my son when he's deciding "to obey or not to obey". Think I'll change to "Choose wisely".

At Thursday, 27 April, 2006, Blogger Amy Wallace said...

Thanks so much for your post, Audrey! We use the "choose wisely" line all the time in my home. For me as much as my kids some days. :-)


At Friday, 28 April, 2006, Blogger Tricia Goyer said...

Boy, it's so much easier just to tell our kids what to do! Yikes, but how will they learn? Thanks to both of you for pointing out the correct way to "train" our children to make good choices!

Choose wisely!



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