Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Adoption update and more . . .

Hi friend!

First, good news! I'm not sure if you're aware but God has provided all the money we need for our adoption! He did it through a bonus in John's work AND a larger-than-expected tax return. (Much larger.) Praise Him!

Sigh, but it will still be 12-18 months before we can pick up our little girl from China. The kids are beside themselves. They want their sister now!

We've heard from our agency that even after our documents get to China (which is still 4-5 months out, it takes a year for China to send a referral! Then we'll travel about a month after that.)

In the meantime, I've been praying about the funds to take all our kids to China with us to get their sister. God is answering my prayer, and out-of-the-blue a writer-friend told us he was sending $500 for this cause. Isn't God good!? (It will be $6,000+ to take them.)

Also as a way to make some money, I signed up to be an "consultant" for a company called Simply Fun. Yes, I know. I have NO time to do this. But the best part is there is an on-line store you can peek at. How simple is that?! (Of course, as a Gen Xer if you mix EDUCATION and FUN and TAKING KIDS TO CHINA for ADOPTION, then it's a 4x bonus.)

Our family LOVES board games, and there are some really great ones. So far I only have "Liebrary" and "Eye to Eye," (the rest of my "kit" is coming) but they are so FUN. "Eye to Eye" is great because everyone from Nathan (12) to Grandma can enjoy it, and they're on equal ground. We've played in four times in the last three days!

You can also check out my "review" of Liebrary at:

We'll get 25%+ of all sales. I'm going to put it all toward our "Trip to China" fund. The kids don't know yet, ssshhh. We're trying to see how "feasible" this will be before we get their hopes up.

Yet, I know we serve a BIG God, and if he wants to provide by helping sell board games . . . or ANY other way, then that's up to Him!

If you want to check out the games, go to:

You can do an on-line order from that website.

Or, even more important, if you would pray for our girl, and our adoption, would be WONDERFUL! Prayer IS the most important part.

Tricia Goyer

P.S. If you're interested in becoming a consultant, let me know that too. These games are great!


At Saturday, 03 June, 2006, Blogger mommy_bug2 said...

Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you and your family. I will continue praying for this wonderful and truly amazing trip... You and your family are truly children of God. Love you much Tricia.

At Tuesday, 06 June, 2006, Blogger Tricia Goyer said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers!!!!!!!


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