Sunday, May 28, 2006

A God Thing--Guest Blogger Lynne Thompson

Today's guest blogger, Lynne Thompson, is an author and speaker. (And my friend too!) She resides in California's Central Valley with her husband of 20 years and their two children, Cassie, 12 and David 10.

A God Thing

The handsome, dark-haired teen walked down the aisle and joined my church on his first visit. I was instantly intrigued. We were introduced to each other a week later during a church event. Pete was so quiet and I was so ... loud. The earth must have tilted a bit in response to the natural attraction. It was a typical relationship, high school drama at its best. We broke up, dated others, got back together, yada yada. After several years of dating we got engaged. I was terrified.

I had received a few proposals before this one, and managed with great finesse to escape each one. I guess you could call me the runaway fiance. This time was different though. I truly wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man, if only he would stay this man. I'd been around long enough to lose faith in romance. Passionate promises usually ended in broken trust. I didn't want to join the ranks of those fooled by love's hypnosis. Pete fitted the Biblical mandate of a godly man; he'd reached the financial success needed to support a family, and even made my toes curl, just by entering the room, yet here I was like Gideon looking for dew on a piece of fleece to confirm my choice. God understood.

It was a sunny day when a friend and I went to the park for a prayer fast, which is where you fast from talking and separate to commune with God alone, on a deeper level. She sat about 20 yards away from me on the other side of a paved road. I took the opportunity to tell God that I loved Him the most, and would give up anyone if it meant serving Him better. I laid down my mental prayer fleece and begged God to make it very clear to me that marriage was the right choice at this time. I had just said Amen when I heard the horns.

A procession of cars made their way down the little road. Leading, was a car decked out in flowers, dragging cans, the words 'Just Married" chalked on the windows. I laughed. Then I said, "God is that you?" I must try his patience at times, I'm sure of it. We ended our prayer fast and walked to the car. "Did you see that wedding party go by?" she asked. "Yes, I saw it. It was for me."

Now I sit 20 years later, to the day, knowing that it was the best decision God made.

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