Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Need A Hero

Every boy wants to be a hero. Someone who will save the day. I'm blessed to have two heroes-in-training in my home . . . my two sons.

I love raising boys, but it's also a challenge. As a mom I want to "tame" them. Wrestling worries me. Dirt is an enemy. And I don't understand, or enjoy, video games. Yet I'm also learning that what matters to them, matters to me. And when I let them know that . . . well, score one for Mom.

Today, my family and I visited a MAZE to celebrate a birthday. We paired up, and my oldest son and I set out to conquer and to win. And we did!

It was a simple thing . . . running my toosh off to make sure we were the fastest and best. But it's a memory we'll both have together. One I did boy-style.


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