Monday, September 18, 2006

10 Questions for Dena Dyer

10 Questions for Dena Dyer

1. Tricia: You write and speak to moms. What is one tip you have for the upcoming school year?

Dena: Well, I always empty my son Jordan’s backpack the moment he gets home from school to check for homework, notes from the teacher, etc. And then I make sure he sets out his clothes and backpack the night before…so to avoid the morning rush. I’m blessed to have a hubby who likes mornings—so most of the time, he gets up with Jordan and lets me wake up with our youngest, who still doesn’t always sleep through the night!

2. Tricia: What's one mom experience you swore you'd never share with anyone. (I'm horrible, I know!)

Dena: Just one? I’ve had so many….One that sticks out in my mind--I knew better, by the way--but in first grade when Jordan kept getting in trouble at his school, I told him that he was embarrassing his dad and me. I’ve regretted that ever since. I never want my kids to feel like I’m ashamed of them. I try to continually tell them that they are a blessing, and that though they make bad choices sometimes, that they are wonderful people.

3. Tricia: You're involved in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers International). Why do you feel it's important for moms to stay connected?

Dena: We can feel really isolated and think we’re the only one who struggles. When you get together with other moms, though, you realize you’re not alone—and you’re not crazy. You’re completely normal! And fellowship with other moms can get me through some rough days. Laughter is healing, and refreshing. There’s always a lot of laughter, food and fun at MOPS meetings. I love it!

4. Tricia: I love your Groovy Chicks Roadtrip (TM) books.

Dena: THANKS! J They are really fun books. We are blessed to be able to compile and share them with other women.

What's the grooviest thing about being a mom? Feeling my child’s hot breath on my neck—and smelling his clean, just-bathed smell—when we cuddle and rock at the end of a long day.

5. Tricia: What do you think are the top three biggest struggles moms face today?

Dena: That’s a hard one. I’ll list three, but I think there are more. First, isolation—we are more connected (blogs, email, cellphones and Blackberries) than ever but it’s an artificial connection. Many of us live far from our families, so it’s hard to have the support we need when kids get sick (or we do!), etc. Second, insecurity—we wonder if we’re doing anything right. We worry that we’re going to “mess up” the parenting thing. And we haven’t always grown up with the best role models, so we’re not sure how to “do” mommyhood. And third, time. We are so busy—and we wear that as a badge of honor. (I just read where author Lisa Harper said, “busyness is not a spiritual gift.” I like that! I need to remember that!) I think moms have to be super-intentional about not letting their schedules control them, rather than the other way around. If we’re going to leave a legacy of love and faith for our children, we MUST say “no” to certain things in order to say “yes” to family time, worship experiences, and our own spiritual lives.

6. Tricia: In turn, what are the top three struggles that kids face?

Dena: Whoa…that’s an even harder question. If I look at my oldest son (who’s a “tween” now—yikes!), I’d say living up to their parents’ expectations—because we Gen X parents have big ones—dealing with lots of homework (much more than we ever had) and finding solid friends. If they have siblings, then sibling rivalry/jealousy is a biggie, too.

7. Tricia: What's one music CD that both you and your kids love?

Dena: Go Fish’s “Splash” CD.

8. Tricia: If you created a children's book series modeled after your kids, what cartoon animals would they be?

Dena: Jordan would be a hyena (zealous, funny and fierce) and Jackson would be a baby monkey (rambunctious, hilarious, and cuddly).

9. Tricia: Your family does "Table Talk." Can you briefly explain this?

Dena: When we eat together, we take turns telling something nice someone did for us. It’s an affirmation time and keeps us in an “attitude of gratitude” for small acts of kindness. (My hubby might thank Jordan for drawing him a picture, and then I might thank Jackson for spending time cuddling with me) The kids love it.

10. Tricia: What is one thing you shared in Table Talk over the last week?

Dena: I thanked Jordan for being nicer with his brother…he’s been pretty rough with him since Jax was born 2 ½ years ago…and for doing his chores with a better attitude.

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