Monday, November 20, 2006

Check It Out..

Here is a review excerpt of Generation NeXt Parenting posted on Rave Reviews:

Parenting, Gen X Style

I don’t always enjoy parenting books. It’s not that I think I’m above advice. The problem is that I either end each chapter drowning in guilt because I can’t make the author’s methods work in my imperfect household or I find myself questioning how much time the “expert” (typically a man) actually spent in the trenches of raising children.

Then my friend and fellow author Tricia Goyer wrote Generation Next Parenting: A Savvy Parent’s Guide to Getting it Right. Tricia isn’t a psychologist. She doesn’t have a national radio program or multiple degrees. Instead she writes as one parent to another, in a style that feels very much like talking over coffee with a friend who really gets it. Best of all, this is a book especially for those of us in Generation X—children of the ’70 and ’80 struggling to raise Godly kids in a rapidly changing and frantically paced world.

Wow, thanks Rave Reviews!

To read the rest of the review and also the interview go to


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