Friday, November 24, 2006

Guest Blogger...Judy Fedele

Patience Unraveling

Long lines and short tempers. Instant coffee in the microwave. Frozen “convenience” foods that cater to the “I need it yesterday” mentality as a culture. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! we scream as we dash out into rush-hour traffic. Seems like everyone’s patience these days is worn thin with all the hurrying, scurrying and worrying.

Patience. That’s one of those little ‘object lessons’ that I definitely object to. I’ll give you a ‘for instance’. I recently found a cool thing for our basement rec room, one of those retro beaded curtains that hang in a doorway. I wanted to string them up (well, down, actually) the open space going down cellar. The individual beaded cords had to come off the hanging rod, since the area was wider than the rod. So I did that. But then … those beady little strings managed to get intertwined into a big, knotted mess. It was unbelievable. I had to disentangle each twisted string from the heap.

So, naturally, I copped an attitude while I was doing this. What is the point of this … nothing is ever easy... why, Lord, whhhyyyyy? Thoughts turn cosmic when things make no sense.

But after a while, I got into a groove working on these silly strings, unraveling the knots one at a time as if they were wound into a kind of puzzle. And rather than hang on to my frustration, I began to see that even the most ridiculous of situations can be turned into a lesson in patience. That’s one of those “fruits of the Spirit” we often think we acquire “instantaneously” when we proclaim ourselves Christians. But fruit takes time to ripen and grow, time to cultivate its sweetness. There’s no shortcut, no easy way to learn patience. It must be developed in us. And that only happens when we allow God to teach us through the trials (major, minor, or just plain annoying) that we experience daily. No express lane thinking for me, thanks. I’d rather take the scenic route, and learn to enjoy my life instead of just rushing through it.

Well, the beaded curtain did get up after a while, and it looks great. Though only a small lesson in patience, it may yet prove handy.

Winter’s not too far away. And I can’t wait to see what the box of Christmas lights looks like.

Judy Fedele


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