Sunday, January 28, 2007

Family Fun

"Children are fashioned according to the example of their parents"
- Claudianus

I haven't had time to write personal notes on my blogs lately. With holidays, three book projects (sent to my editors on time, praise God!), and kids' basketball games ... well, I have had no free minutes.

Yet, amazingly, as crazy as it seems, our home has had peace. Why? Because no matter how crazy my deadlines get, we take time for fun. For our family, basketball is fun.
Our kids play only one sport a year, and this is it. Cory and Leslie are both on varisty teams made up of homeschoolers. Since we live in rural Montana, basketball games means TRAVEL.
In fact this last weekend the kids played a total of five games in two different locations . . . for a total of twelve hours of travel!
We make fun family weekends of it, talking and laughing in the car, eating out, and staying in a hotel. Not to mention our BIG MOUTHS as we cheer our kids on.
John and I have discovered that the more we have fun, the more fun our kids have too. And if we're enjoying life, our kids have great attitudes. (Which is something to say for teenagers.)
As my grandma reminds me, "These are the best years of your lives." And I have to agree with her. And, I also hope, that even as my kids get older they will realize that no one should be too busy to enjoy life. To smile, laugh, and enjoy the people that matter most. No one.


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