Tuesday, January 16, 2007

10 Things I wish I’d know About Parenting by Jeanette Hanscome

10 Things I wish I’d know About Parenting

1) Legos break vacuum belts.

2) Never say “crap” around your 4-year-old (Here’s how I learned this valuable lesson. Four-year-old Nathan drove a Hot Wheel car under the couch so I had to move it. Suddenly Nathan found all kinds of cool treasure that had found their way under the couch over the last I won’t say how many months. Of course he started collecting them. Without thinking I said, “Nate, could you please not pick up every bit of crap that you see.” Immediately I wanted a delete key for my mouth. As I started moving the couch back Nathan dove behind it and yelled, “Wait, I see some more crap!” Grrr!!! Bad Mom Award).

3) I will probably say at least half of the things on my “Things I will Never Say to My Child” list.

4) It’s hard to discipline when your kids have big brown puppy eyes.

5) A kiss and/or hug from your child can erase a bad day.

6) My kids won’t always like me. In fact, it’s probably a bad sign if they do..

7) Toddlers can (and will) crawl through the dog door.

8) Don’t store snacks in the lower cupboards.

9) Cooking with your preschooler is messy but fun.

10) Where the Wild Things Are is one of the best children’s books ever written and a blast to read out loud.

Jeanette Hanscome is the mother of two boys, aged 16 and 4 ½. She is the author of the teen devotional Want More? Joy and two books in Focus on the Family’s Brio Girls fiction series. She is a regular contributor to Encounter—the Magazine, Walk Thru the Bible’s Tapestry, the Girls, God and the Good Life blog, and has written for many other publications. When she isn’t writing Jeanette enjoys teaching writing workshops, reading, and singing at Sierra Bible Church


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