Friday, February 09, 2007

Meet the parents...

Here's an article full of stat's and assertions on Gen X and how they (we) are parenting. Do you agree with the author's summation of us, the Gen X parents?

Call it the "Home Alone" factor. William Strauss, author of Generations (William Morrow, 1992), cites childhood divorce as one of the decisive experiences influencing how Gen Xers shape their own families. Above all, they want to avoid creating the broken homes, alimony disputes, absentee fathers and tangles with stepparents that many of them experienced as children, he says.

Gen Xers' childhood as latchkey kids has pushed them to value family stability when it comes to their own children, says David Stillman, a partner in BridgeWorks, a Sonoma, Calif.-based generational consulting firm, who is himself a Gen X father of two. "Xers often came home to an empty house as children," Stillman says. "They don't want to create broken homes because they came from broken homes." According to generational marketing firm Yankelovich Inc. in Norwalk, Conn., Gen Xers offer a corrective to certain freedoms and rebellions expressed by their parents. As a result, "[Gen] Xers are approaching homemaking with caution and concern," write Ann Clurman and J. Walker Smith in the marketing bible, Rocking the Ages: The Yankelovich Report on Generational Marketing.

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