Monday, April 23, 2007

Going Back...

Sometimes I go back and read my own books. When I do, I’m often amazed. You see even as the author, God uses those books to remind me of His messages to my heart. I wish I could carry every whispered truth of God in the forefront of my mind, but I can’t. The books, in print and very readable (unlike some of my random journal entries), are a good reminder.

On page 16-17 of Generation NeXt Parenting, it says:

"Here’s my take on it: God placed us parents in this time in history because no matter how bright, or skilled, or committed we are (and our generation is all of these things), achieving success as parents means requiring His involvement in our daily lives.

"Although I would never directly credit one of my favorite ’80s singers, Cyndi Lauper, with drawing me closer to God, I do imagine the chorus from her song “Time After Time” as words God might use to speak to our generation.

"God was aware of the vicious cycles we’d face. He understood we’d be overwhelmed and in need of direction. He knew, as Lauper sings, that we’d sometimes be lost and sometimes feel like we’re falling. He also realized that in order for us to be all we can and to raise children who serve Him, we would be required to seek and depend on Him. We would require Him … time after time.

"After all, being a generation of parents in a high-speed and morally confused world doesn’t allow for anything less."

Do you believe God has determined the set times for each of us, and the exact places where we should live? How do you think living in this time and place has required you see Him? What things overwhelm you most about living in this day and age?


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