Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Guest Blogger...Cara Putnam

Gender Matters?

If you have kids, you’ve probably noticed that there seem to be innate differences between girls and boys.

Boys (at least mine and my nephews) are simply more physical. Let’s slug each other. Tackle each other. Knock the wind out of each other. All in love of course.

Girls are into frills, dolls, quiet play. At least most of the time.

But how do those differences play into education? There’s a really interesting sight that talks about some of those basic differences. At Dr. Lenoard Sax, a family physician and Ph.D. psychologist, elaborates on why boys and girls behave differently in school.

Some of the highlights:

Boys don’t hear sounds (or register them) at the same decibels that girls do.

Boys do math better standing up…hmmm, maybe that explains why they get so restless if required to sit in a chair for hours on end. Come to think of it, my six year old daughter has some of the same ants in her pants syndrome at times.

Boys respond better if the temperature is six degrees cooler than girls. So when I tell my son to put on a jacket and he strips it off the moment it steps out the door it may actually be because he’s warm and not disobedient. Who can play when they’re roasting?

Anyway, I think these ideas are interesting. I’m going to check out his book, Why Gender Matters, and see what other insights I can glean into helping my son and my daughter become everything God placed them here to be – in their own unique ways.

So what gender differences have you noticed in the children around you?

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At Wednesday, 18 April, 2007, Blogger Jen's Journey said...

Wow! With two boys and one girl, it would be helpful to read these fascinating facts. I need to check out that blog! Thanks for the tip. Now I know why we women are so well known for freezing our hubbies out.


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