Friday, September 28, 2007

Guest Blogger...Judy Fedele

(I wrote this prior to the birth of our second child because the hospital we used required a written birth plan for them to reference. My OB/GYN keeps a copy on file because he loved it so much, and I don't think the hospital ever got a birth plan quite like it!)


by Judy and Nick Fedele

Okay, here we grow again! (I mean our family, not just my stomach…). Yes, well, after a hiatus of five years, Nick and I have decided to go for child number two. While in many ways we are better prepared for a second child – having had some “minor” experience and all – I personally have been a little late getting my birth plan together this time. Before the birth of our daughter Jaime, it was great fun to organize and plan all the little details (regardless of how little reality actually matched the birth plan ‘format’). But life often gets in the way of things we plan to do (much like my stomach does when I go to trim my toenails). So I thought, ‘Hey, I wrote a great birth plan before. It’s not cheating if I copy myself, is it?’ I considered cheating on a wider format, so I went out and bought some new crib sheets. College style, with fine lines. But these particular crib sheets were not very noteworthy, so it was back to plan number one. (Literally.) So here we go:

· Nutrition During Childbirth: {otherwise known as "snackage"}

Judy would favor a chocolate I.V. drip as the most expedient and efficient method of snackage during childbirth. If this option is not available, they will bring their own consumables, and consume them in the usual straightforward manner. After delivery is complete, they may order take-out, unless the take-out can be delivered during delivery.

· Options During Delivery:

Pepperoni, mushrooms, double cheese … oh, sorry, not that delivery.

Judy is willing to try a variety of methods during labor. If labor is extended, Judy would like use of the whirlpool between contractions. As for other comfort measures like massage: the more, the better.

· Room Preference:

Starting with the assumption that the Birth Place will have an available room, Judy would of course like to request the "good room", i.e.: Room A, with the private bath. Preference after A would follow with C and B, in that order because most everyone chooses B and then C, and to pick in reverse might just be advantageous. If all three of these rooms are occupied, Labor and Delivery is acceptable until a room in the Birth Place (hopefully) becomes available.

To review: A, C, or B. L & D o.k. if A, C, or B n/a. If L & D, back to A, C, or B: a.s.a.p.

· Pain Medications:

Judy's intention is to give birth naturally (numb from the neck down, as God intended) … no, no; sorry … naturally as in labor without unnecessary medications if possible. She is not adverse to the administration of basic pain meds if needed.

· Music and Lighting of Room:

Nick and Judy have very specific (and highly questionab- … pardon… highly cultivated) taste in music. They will provide their own tape player and tapes. Earplugs will be provided for the staff and attending physician. It stands to reason that while quiet and soothing music is quite suitable for digesting dinner, music with a more 'rhythmic' beat might be more a propos for hard-core labor. (Not to worry, remember the earplugs?) They plan on bringing a "birth tape" with some favorite up-tempo tunes. In addition, they will bring some lovely Celtic music for those "time between times" of pushing and/or contractions.
As for the lighting: they would prefer to avoid strong lighting. The dimmer the room, the better. Basically, enough light so the staff shouldn't trip over things, but not more than that.

· Episiotomy and Other Medical Procedures:

The only episiotomy that Judy wants is to have Nick apologize repeatedly (“appease”) for all the pain and suffering she must endure while in labor. And the other kind only if really, really necessary. As for other medical procedures, Judy would prefer no IVs if possible.

· Sibling Participation:

Our daughter, Jaime, may be present for limited visiting and participation during the birth. It is possible the extra aggravation- I mean, blessing, of an extremely bright and spirited five-year-old acting as a human pinball could speed up the delivery process.

· Cutting of the Cord:

Nick would like to cut the cord when the baby is born, unless he is shaking too much. If not the cord, then he would like to at least fill out the I.D. bracelet. Failing that, he is in charge of ordering the pizza.

· Placing of Baby on Abdomen:

Prior to handoff after birth Judy requests that the staff please blot the baby dry so she shouldn't fumble and drop a wet or squishy infant. Once this precaution has been taken please place the child skin to skin on her abdomen to allow for maximum "First Contact" protocol.

· Feeding Procedures:

Judy is planning on breast feeding. Assuming all the plumbing works correctly and the baby is cooperative.

And tha- tha- that’s all, folks.


At Monday, 01 October, 2007, Anonymous melissa renner said...

oh my goodness! that the best birth plan ever! I sure wish I'd read this 2 weeks ago when I was in labor.


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