Thursday, September 20, 2007


I watch very little television. Perhaps it's because I'd rather read. Or (which is more likely) perhaps it is because there is a husband and three teens to share the television with. My favorite all time channel is HGTV. (You thought I was going to say the History Channel, didn't you?) Yes, I love history. But I love watching a good design show even more.

For the last few months, every Sunday night after church has meant one thing, "Design Star" . It's a mix of a reality show and a design program, and they winner of each season gets their own show on HGTV. If I wasn't so busy as a writer--and if it didn't mean being away from my family for so long--I might even try out for season three!

I'm sad to see the season ending. Sigh. I'm happy that Kim (who I voted for) won!

Personally, I think my choice of my favorite show says a few things about me. I like people. I like seeing them at work, seeing what makes them tick, seeing how they handle stress, success, failure, each other.

I like design. I like to see transformation. I like color and style. I like nothing turning into something. (Sort of like books.)

I also like learning ... which in this case is about color, design, and personality.

What TV shows do you like? What do they say about you?


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