Thursday, September 13, 2007

How NOT to deal...

I found this at Mars Hill Church's blog for women Re:Fem...Any of you out there Not Dealing?

Here are a few simple steps I’ve followed through the years to avoid dealing with the issues in my life, I’ve found them to be pretty handy in avoiding my problems (for a while anyway), so maybe they can help you in your lack of progress too.

1. Avoid seeing that you have anything to deal with in the first place. This is the best way to not deal; however, chances are you know something is up, and that you need to deal with it. If this is your circumstance, the following may help you continue in the path of avoidance.

2. Get busy. And I don’t mean with thinking; in fact, avoid thinking as much as possible. Get busy with all kinds of things – housework, cooking, catching up on TV shows and movies you didn’t know you wanted to see, and exercising – A LOT. Also, try browsing the web – catching up on some news or angry blogs about pastor Mark or finding a very time/thought consuming hobby.

I have a friend that had this work for him for a couple years: look for the faults in your friends and point those out – this may not be the best tactic as they could bring up the very thing you’re trying to avoid, but it can work in the right circumstances.

3. Hang out with people. Constantly. But not with the people who know you really well, avoid those. Hang out with those you have a very surfacey relationship with. Do not spend time with people who will pry into your life, and especially stay away from the people who might help you deal with your crap. Simple rule of thumb: the more they care, the less time you spend with them.

4. Don’t read your Bible, or pray. These are perhaps the two greatest challenges in your avoidance. To truly avoid your issues, you’re going to have to try to avoid Jesus too, and He is the most persistent of pursuers.

5. When all of the above have failed, run away. Move. Change churches, jobs, and friends. When you have cut off all ties with those who know you, then you only have to deal with avoiding yourself and Jesus.

So, those are my steps for not dealing with your issues. I’ve tried pretty much all of these, or seen them tried by others. They do work… for a while. Use these at your own risk - I can’t say I recommend using any of them.

These techniques have brought me pain and drawn out circumstances that I didn’t need to be in; I’m sure they’ll do the same for you if you just try them.


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