Friday, September 21, 2007

3:16 Teen Edition

Amy here, (Tricia's devoted assistant)! While Tricia is at ACFW, hob-nobbing with her friends and teaching classes, I thought I'd pop in and tell you about Tricia's latest project!

Max Lucado's new book 3:16 came out this month! Why am I telling you this? Well because Tricia was asked to co-write the teen edition of 3:16! It will be released in February 2008.

Below is a link to the video trailer for 3:16 The Numbers of Hope.

and here's some basic info From Amazon:

Book Description
Based on the beloved verse of John 3:16, Max Lucado brings insight to help teens apply this important teaching to their lives.

3:16 is certain to be one of Max's most important titles ever. The book is packaged with a white silicone bracelet with 3:16 printed for a dramatic effect and will be a tremendous conversation starter and outreach tool for teens.

Max offers his unique and simple storytelling for this important message while Tricia Goyer writes teen responses to Max's message, guiding teens to fully understand how this verse can impact their lives. From confession to praise, these responses are sure to bring an insightful look into the personal faith of teens.


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