Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What A Wife Says

Good morning, husband.

Can you believe we’re finally married?

What would you like for dinner?

You’re the best.

Don’t worry I’ll take care of it.

Sorry . . . I forgot.

But, I’ve always done it that way.

Yes, I, uh, think it’s a great gift.

I don’t believe that’s what you told me.

Let’s just try.

Guess what? You’re going to be a daddy!

You want what name?!

That’s not funny.

Don’t touch me.

Hold me.

You did this to me!

Oh, he looks like you . . .

It’s your turn tonight.

You found a babysitter? Are you sure? Can we trust her?

Wow, you found a babysitter! You’re the best.

Yes, I still love you.

I’ll be off in a minute.

Can we call for a pizza?

I’m too tired tonight.

Oh, baby!

I was hoping for a chance to talk.

I’m sleeping on the couch.

You’re working late again?

I’m going to my mothers.

I’m sorry.

But we didn’t have money for that.

You signed him up for what?

Yes, I really needed it, even if it was on clearance.

But you promised . . .

It’s exactly what I wanted! Thanks!

I love it when you do that.

Why did you do that?

You’re so insensitive.

You’re the greatest man who ever lived.

He got that from your side of the family.

You deal with it.

I can’t believe it’s just us again.

Yes, let’s go!

I’m tired.

You make me feel so alive.

Let me rub your shoulders.

You shouldn’t have.

No, you didn’t!

You won’t believe who called today . . .

Let’s sleep in.

A dog?

A new car?

Well, you’re no spring chicken, either.

I’m too young to be a grandma.

We always go there on vacation.

Let’s try something new.

I like things the way they were.

I like things they way they are now.

Isn’t that turned up a little loud?

I love being your wife.

Remember when . . .

Maybe we should have the doctor check that out.

You always make me smile.

You know me as well as I know myself.

Thank you.

You’re so thoughtful.

How can I live without you?

Yes, I’ll be brave.

I’m going to miss you.

You were forever my true love.


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