Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Married with Children...Part 3

“Nothing ever lasts forever,” sang Tears for Fears (remember them?). “Everybody wants to rule the world.”

The cool thing is that as parents, you do. For a short time you and your spouse make up your child’s entire world, for better or worse.

You’ve witnessed how our generation was affected by what happened in our world as we grew up. Well, your marriage—you and your spouse working together—will have the same impact on your kids.

There is so much I could talk about when it comes to raising kids…and in fact I did, in Generation NeXt Parenting. But overall, here is our top twelve list of the best things a married couple can do TOGETHER for their kids:

1. Spend time working out a philosophy of discipline and child training.

2. Read the Bible together…and let your kids see you do it. Read the Bible to your kids, too.

3. Study Christian parenting books.

4. Talk to people whose children you admire.

5. Have daily “couch time” where your kids see the two of you talking about your day. It will give them security to see their parents communicate. They will know all is well in their world.

6. Never disagree about discipline in front of the children. Children know how to play one parent against the other.

7. Be loyal to one another and stand by each other, even when you don’t think the other person has handled the situation correctly. It’s better to work it out afterward, in private.

8. Let loose once in a while. Life doesn’t always have to be serious.

9. Pray together as a family.

10. Love one another and show your loyalty to each other.

11. Let the kids see you handle disagreements and resolutions respectfully.

12. Trust that God chose you and your spouse specifically for this job. He placed you together in this time in history, with these kids, for a reason.

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