Monday, January 19, 2009

The Shapeliness of Motherhood series!

In November and December I ran a contest asking:

What is one way motherhood has shaped YOU?

I'm taking your answers and running a series called "The Shaping of Mother". I was so blessed by your answers. Some serious, some laugh-out-loud funny! Priceless.

If you didn't get a chance to give your two cents, do so now. Just leave a comment. I'll be choosing one random commentor to receive a copy of Blue Like Play Dough when it releases in July.

The Shaping of Mother:

Loring says: Motherhood has shaped me into a muffin-top, pear shaped, stretch marked, wrinkled mom of three.

Jody T says: Motherhood literally saved my life! I was running full speed away from God while I was in the Army, got married to an unbeliever, and got pregnant right away. During my pregnancy, God kept speaking to me about raising this child in church. I struggled with this because church was the last place I wanted to be found. When my son was 5 months old, my husband left and we were on our own. The next couple of years passed with me working 3 jobs and barely making ends meet. Again, I felt the need to at least get him into Sunday school so I started taking him to a little church in the neighborhood. I'd sit through service because it was too much bother to drop him off and then come back and pick him up. One day, the sermon sunk in. God got a hold on me on Father's Day, 1997 and I haven't looked back! I'm now remarried to a wonderful Christian man who adopted my son and we added 3 more boys to the mix. But if it hadn't been for that little boy and that sense that he needed to learn about Jesus, I might still be lost today! So, yes he saved my life by getting me into church so God could save my life. Thanks be to God!

Tanja says: Motherhood has shaped me most by forcing me to see myself through God's eyes and not the world's, or even my own. I've been a stay-at-home mom for eight years, and I struggled with exiting the work force. I missed my job and interaction with adults, but mostly I missed the fact that I viewed myself as a success largely because of how well I performed my job. Motherhood has held many days, for me, in which I would fire myself if I were the Ultimate Boss. But I am not. The Lord made me a mom, and He sustains me. Every day... good days and bad days alike.

Linda says: Motherhood has changed in me to have a bigger, more encompassing love--unconditional. No matter what your child(ren) get into or do, you still love them. Sure can hate what they've done at times, but you still love them. I think people who choose not to have children or are unable to, miss out on that kind of love--a mother's love.

Nicole K.: One way motherhood has shaped me is that it has deepened my understanding of God's unconditional love for me. If I can love my selfish, sometimes frustrating 2 year old to the point that I would die for him...I can finally dip a little into the love God has for me.

Anita Says: Motherhood has made me a less selfish person. I can't say that I am completely selfless, but I now make decisions based on what is best for my child and not what is best for me.

Come back for the next two weeks for more!


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