Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guest Blogger...Alyice Edrich


In today's day and age, everything is about equality (the state of being equal: having the same rights, privileges, ability, etc), it is about women's rights, and who is better than whom.

It is about what others can do for you, rather than what you can do for others. It is no wonder that with this kind of thinking, the world views submission as a weakness. To the non-Christian community, submission is merely another word for slavery. It means domination over another or unwillingly giving up one's own rights and allowing another to be in control.

With thinking like this, we can see why our world is in shambles and why we must reach out to God for guidance. This meaning is so far from the biblical meaning of submission. Submission in the biblical sense opens us up to a whole new world. A world that sees through the eyes of God and acts accordingly. Biblical submission is one's willingness to serve others rather than be served. It is a humble self-imposed attitude of servitude. It is not meant to degrade, rather it is meant to uplift. It is meant to teach us what it truly means to be free and to see with the heart.

For you see, when we serve others without expecting anything in return, when we do it out of the kindness of our own hearts, when we do it for the mere joy we see on another's face, when we do it because of our great love for God, we do it for ourselves. For this kind of servitude ends those ugly emotions that keep us in bondage, that confine us and restrict us from being all that God has called us to be. And, it allows others a chance to feel that we trust them, that we care about them, and that we value their worth in our lives.

Take our children for example, from the moment of conception we willingly put aside our wants, needs, and desires to accommodate them. We voluntarily lay down our lives for them, and we respectfully (treat with dutiful regard and considerate concern) become whatever they need us to be. And we do all of this out of our undying and hopefully, unconditional love for them. Christ did the same, if not more for each one of us.

He desires for us to promote this same attitude in every relationship of our lives, especially with our spouses. I will admit that in the beginning of my marriage, I had seen so many bad relationships that I was not going to allow a "man" to have any control over me. I did not want to lose sight of myself, I did not want to be taken advantage of or become too vulnerable, I did not want to depend on another living soul so completely, and I wanted things to be done my way. But as time passsed, and my trust in my husband grew, as well as my love for the Lord, servitude could not help but happen.

When you love God so much and you take time to learn about God and His desires for you, you cannot help but want to share Him with everyone you meet, and what better way to do it, than biblical submission??

Alyice Edrich is a freelance writer and the editor of an award winning magazine for BUSY parents.

Visit her at http://thedabblingmum.com

or read her about her life at http://dmwrites.com


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