Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Christmas Story

(Goyer Christmas . . . ten years ago.)

I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's almost Christmas already. Since I live in Montana the snow is one thing that gives this season away. The carols playing in Target is another. And the Christmas presents for far-away family, scattered around my room, and waiting to be wrapped would be the third clue.

Ever since my kids are small we've had a fun family tradition--every year on Christmas morning we act out the Christmas story.

The kids were just toddling when we first started. Leslie was Mary. Nathan was Joseph. Leslie's doll was baby Jesus. Cory was the angel announcing the birth of Christ to the stuffed animal shepherds and sheep. I always played the part of the innkeeper who had no room in my Inn.

John read the story and the kids acted it out . . . Nathan pulling (with help) his sister across the room on their rocking horse. She had a pillow under her shirt, until the doll replaced it.

Did our tradition help our kids understand the story better? I'm not sure, but it is still a sweet memory.

I'm not sure how many more years we'll continue acting out this story--Cory is seventeen after all, and he is starting not to appreciate the angel costume.

Still, we'll keep giving it a try. And even if the kids decide they're too old to dress up, I'm certain of one thing . . . there will be new traditions to try and new memories to make.

Because that is what family is about.


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