Thursday, February 21, 2008

Parents in a Digital World...

Focus on the Family ran this article I wrote on how to help your children be tech savvy and SAFE!

Technology doesn't have to be a frightful menace for today's parents; it can be an important ally. Parents brave enough to enter their child's digital world can discover priceless opportunities. "Since my daughters are on MySpace a lot, I decided to sign up," Wilson says. "Now I know what they're interested in, and what they're hearing and seeing. I also like to send them messages and leave comments on their pages. They do the same back to me. It's one more way to let them know I love them and want to be a part of their lives."

MySpace, however, can expose your children to questionable content and online predators, so carefully consider the benefits and dangers of this site before allowing them to use it. Instant messaging is another way to connect with your kids. Michele Huey of Pennsylvania is an IM buddy to her son, a junior in college.

"When my son started college," Huey says, "he downloaded AOL's Instant Messenger on my computer. He's the only buddy I have, but we connect nearly every day. We've had some heart-to-heart conversations . . . and it has brought us closer."

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At Thursday, 21 February, 2008, Blogger windycindy said...

I agree with what you are saying whole heartedly! I have two sons and they don't have my spaces. They text message a lot more than anyhthing!My son is college and I either email each other or talk on the telephone.


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