Friday, April 11, 2008

Love GenX Style Contest entry #13

Remember the story with the most votes wins the "date with your spouse" gift certificate! If you haven't yet submitted a story...what are you waiting for? :)

Today's entry is from Nicole P.

I met my husband, Jared, a little over 7 years ago in the Kansas City, Missouri Greyhound bus station. We both traveling from PA across the country (him to Vegas and me to sunny Cali). We had been traveling on the same buses but hadn't spoke yet. While waiting for them to load my next bus, I saw him sitting across from me. I thought he was really cute but I'm shy so I wasn't about to start a conversation. Then, when he saw me looking at him, he asked me if I was "single, married, or living in sin?" That's not a pick up line I'd ever heard and started laughing.

That's all it took to break the ice. We talked until our bus was ready. When our bus started to load passengers, we were the first ones on. I had my pick of seat (a luxury, if you've ever been on a Greyhound you'll understand). And even with all the empty seats, he asked if he could sit with me. We had about two days left till we got to Vegas. And we talked the entire time. He was so nice, charming, handsome, funny....I was in trouble. :)

After spending about 10 hours talking and giving each other flirtacious stares..we kissed.

It is, to this day, the best kiss I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. :) Well...eventually we had to part. We kissed goodbye and exchanged info and promises to keep in touch. I spent my entire trip thinking of him. When I got home about 3 weeks later, he was my first call.

We met again about another 3 weeks later (after many nights of long phone
conversations) and we've been together ever since. Now we have two beautiful children. I'd say the long bus ride was worth it. :)

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At Tuesday, 15 April, 2008, Blogger Gina of Hope said...

I love your story! You should send it to Greyhound-- they might make a commercial out of it!! God bless you!


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