Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Love GenX Style Contest entry #17

Remember the story with the most votes wins the "date with your spouse" gift certificate! If you haven't yet submitted a story...what are you waiting for? :)

Today's entry is from Lori H.:

I have no idea why it took me so many years to see what a fantastic man I am married to. Three months ago my eyes were openned, I could finally see all the sacrifices and the love this man has for me. Tears spring to my eyes just thinking about how I could have lost this man years ago. God spared his life and I am so thankful to Him for that. May I never take my husband for granted again.

He is a strong leader, a very hard worker and provider, the best husband a woman could ask for, a dad that loves and gives up doing anything for himself to take care of and give to his children, last but not least and most importantly a very Godly example for me and our children to follow. I never hear him complain about how hard he has to work to provide for us. The more I write about him the more my heart bursts with love for this man.

My husband and I meant while we were both working at McDonald's. I was the opening manager and he was an employee. I don't remember the first time we meant but I love to hear him tell his side of the story.

I was down in our break room at McDonalds's sitting with my boyfriend at the time. My husband (Jim) was on his orientation. The manager that was taking him around introduced us. (I don't remember this) My husband said he thought WOW! when he first saw me. (He is such a funny guy) He said, "I saw this beautiful lady through smoke filled eyes." (I smoked very heavy back then, I quit smoking 17 years ago, May). I love when he tells this story, I always get a chuckle from it.

My husband worked the night shift, I only worked with him a few times before he went on his senior trip to Spain. After he returned home, I needed to cross train a closer on the opening shirt. (It was for a raise, all the manager's had to cross train an employee). My husband (just friend's at the time) and I, along with a group of our friends started hanging out together after work. Jim (My husband) and I became really good friends over a period of time. We played on the Mcdonald's coed softball team together, plus we did many other things as a group.

Manager's and crew were not allowed to date. A friend of my husband's dared us to go out on a date together. I had a little boy and really needed my job but I went anyway. We were already friends but it was a bit different being alone with him. Oh my, did I think he was good looking. The only problem was that he was younger than I was. I was looking for a father for my son and I didn't see how this could work out.

I kept seeing him anyway regardless of his age. (He is three years younger than I am) Like I said, we had went out on several dates, one night in McDonalds's parking lot he came up to my car window and asked me if I liked him? I said yes! He said, "NO, I mean do you really like me?" At that point I knew I wanted to marry this man. (He was just so cute) After we dated for over a year he asked me to marry him. We were married not long after that.

My husband not only married me but took on my son (Bret was seven at the time) he treated Bret like his own from the very start. Even when we were just friends he would go to Bret's baseball games. No other man I dated took such interest in Bret. Bret started calling him dad right after we got married. At 19 he was more responsible than a lot of the older men that I dated. It was o.k. that they dated me but they really didn't want anything to do with my son.

My husband gave up a Three year scholarship to the U of M to marry me. I wonder why such a smart guy would give up so much and have to work so hard his whole life, to marry me and take on my son? I don't know if I will ever figure that out. How could I every replace such a man?

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At Tuesday, 15 April, 2008, Blogger Gina of Hope said...

God is good!! My husband is also 2 years younger than me, and we were married when my son was 8yo. You're right, we need to not take God's gifts (like our husbands and children) for granted!!


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